More Border Difficulties

More Border Difficulties A letter from Vernon County, Missouri, of 16 August, states that a notorious abolition scoundrel named Pickle and a member of Montgomery’s band, who have recently been depredating on both sides of the line, has been apprehended and is now in custody in Vernon County. Montgomery has sent in a demand upon … Continue reading More Border Difficulties

Look out for Horace Greeley!!

Look out for Horace Greeley!! SYLVIA, August 31, 1859 MESSRS EDITORS: - It is rumored here that Horace Greely intends, on his return from his expedition to the west, to visit the niggers in the Cherokee and Creek Nations, to look after their condition. Now I think that old Greely would not come here unless … Continue reading Look out for Horace Greeley!!

The Cherokee Council and Abolitionism

The Cherokee Council The names of the members of the Cherokee Legislature, elected on the first Monday in August last have been published in this paper. The synopsis we gave last week shows a certain majority for the sale of the Neutral Land and the investment of the proceeds remaining, after paying the national debt, … Continue reading The Cherokee Council and Abolitionism

Daniel Webster on Abolition

Daniel Webster on abolition Hon. Daniel Webster once said in a great speech: “I say that all agitations and intentions to disturb the relations between master and slave by persons not living in the slave states are unconstitutional in their spirit and in my opinion productive of nothing but evil and mischief. I countenance none … Continue reading Daniel Webster on Abolition

News of the Week (August 26, 1859)

NEWS OF THE WEEK The Louisville Courier of Aug. 14 in concluding an article headed “Douglas’ Last,” touching the Presidency says: “So far as we are individually concerned, we have a preference for the next Presidency, and that preference is well known. We would give as warm and as hearty a support as we could … Continue reading News of the Week (August 26, 1859)